Amapiano & African Groove @ the Market Theatre This December


Sun-El Musician, Makhafula Vilakazi, The Brother Moves On, Lady Du, Femi Koya, Muntu Vilakazi, Maria McCloy, Malome Vector, Wenawedwa, Ms Jones, DJ Stopper Bells, Lady Amar, DJ Roto, Ms Party and Sanelisiwe Yekani as MC.

“If music be the food of love, play on,” wrote dramatist, William Shakespeare in the play, Twelfth Night. It is the twelfth month of the year, and music is what the doctor ordered this December at the Market Theatre after a dramatic year on the stage. As a nation under a groove, December or Dezemba is a uniquely South African proposition and as an institution of artistic excellence, the Market Theatre has curated a musical spectacular that will usher the citizenry into the festive season from Friday 9 December to the 17th.

Live @ the Market will take part over two weekends featuring the talents of Sun El and Lady Du for the house and piano enthusiast and Makhafula Vilakazi, The Brother Moves On and Femi Koya for the discerning Pan African listener.

In this gathering, we want to invoke the spirit of love and relentless compassion, sacrifice and strength, care and tenderness. We will be reminded of how music-making has opened up our imaginations to what a truly just society might look like. We will be reminded of how moments of freedom do not only have to end on stage. We can carry them everywhere we go the in the same ways that the musicians in this line-up illustrate.

Let’s fine-tune those dance moves because ziyakhala manje kuguga othandayo! Get ready for a fantastic and entertaining weekend that will get you in the mood for the holidays!

The John Kani stage will feature live band performances for only R250 for a day pass, followed by DJ performances for only R100 at a cordoned-off area outside the theatre.

Over the years, the Market Theatre has hosted numerous music events, but this is our first time tapping into amapiano as part of our efforts to create an inclusive artistic space.

The Pan African weekend kicks off our lineup on Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of December 2022. African music has shaped much of our lives and continues to inform our understanding of ourselves as a people. Our music has not only been about entertainment but through it, we have been able to articulate or experience our desires. Musicians participating in this Pan-African experience include The Brother Moves On, Femi Koya, Makhafula Vilakazi, Malome Vector, Muntu Vilakazi, Ms Jones, Wenawedwa, and Maria McCloy.

Amapiano traces its roots to Kwaito, blending Zulu fork lore with South African sounds. Its rhythm and beats are clear and distinct. With continuous piano keys in the music, deep bass, jazz and percussions with melodic voices, the Market Theatre will host Sun- El Musician, Lady Du, DJ Stopper Bells, Lady Amar, DJ Roto, Ms Party, and Sanelisiwe Yekani as MC to close out the musical festivities.

Don’t miss a beat with this year’s Live @the Market music extravaganza!

The 2022 Live @The Market seasons line up and ticket prices:


Date & TimeArtistsTicket Price
Friday 9 December 17h00 – 21h00Sanelisiwe Yekani DJ: Wena Wedwa Malome VectorR250
21h00 – 22h00Dj: Maria McCloyR100
Date & TimeArtistsTicket Price
Saturday 10 December 15h00 – 21h00Makhafula Vilakazi DJ: Ms Jones The Brother Moves OnR250
21h00 – 22h00DJ: Maria McCloyR100
Date & TimeArtistsTicket Price
Sunday 11 December 15h00 – 19h00DJ: Muntu Vilakazi Femi KoyaR250


Date & TimeArtistsTicket Price
Friday 16 December 16h00 – 21h00Stopper Wadi Bells Lady DuR250
21h30 – 22h30DJ Lady AmarR100
Date & TimeArtistsTicket Price
Friday 16 December 16h00 – 21h30DJ Roto Sun El MusicianR250
Saturday 17 December 21h30 – 22h30DJ Ms Party aka OlweeR100

To make block bookings please contact Anthony Ezeoke 011 832 1641ext 203/ 083 246 4950 or Bandile Luvalo 078 4344 860 or

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