Jamie-Lee Sexton – Award Nominated Artist is back with a Summer Single


The last two years have been jam-packed with success for chart-topping star Jamie-Lee Sexton, who has also recently received two Basadi Award Nominations for her highly acclaimed album Medicine Woman, which also debuted at Number 1 on Apple Music earlier this year.

The accomplished singer-songwriter is not stopping there, she has been hard at work on the next musical chapter, announcing the release of her brand-new single ‘Falling For You’ – on Friday 11th November just in time for Summer.

Keeping to her signature Pop sound, with classic disco-tinged flourishes, inescapable foot-tapping rhythms, and with a touch of ‘dance’, this the new body of work is the beginning of a new journey that is centered around love. 

The song is produced by platinum-selling artist-producer Daniel Baron, who has become a frequent collaborator and good friend of Jamie-Lee. 

For Jamie-Lee, the creation of every art-piece requires her to immerse herself into her art by going on an introspective journey to seek the true meaning of what her soul wants to deliver.

“This song is about lovers that can’t help but fall in love with each other over and over again. It’s inevitable.” says Jamie-Lee.  “The combination of chord structure and lyrics, sets the scene for this sexy feel-good song that makes you want to move.” 

The Lyric Music Video releases on Tuesday 15th Nov and it’s all about summer, good energy, love and creating new memories together.

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