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In truealt-pop queenstyle, the authentic singer-songwriter Sincerely Anne, who has made a name for herself with her soothing voice and riveting lyrics, has just released a straight-talking new “game of love” pop single about not settling for less than you deserve, the sophomore track off her highly anticipated album.

According to Anne, the dance-worthy QUICK FIX punches a strong lyrical message of empowerment and knowing your value as a “Queen” in the game of love. “The song tells the story of a woman who is approached by a man when she is vulnerable, but he is a player who isn’t after a quality relationship. The woman’s inner queen represents the intrinsic value, integrity, and internal sovereignty that she has created for herself through hard work and healing, and this inner queen tries to inspire the man to go and ‘find his crown’ before she would consider him as a lover – his crown represents his own value, integrity and sovereignty.”

In essence, Anne wants the song to convey that if you want someone to invest in you as much as you are willing to invest in them, you mustn’t settle for anything less than you deserve if it is not going to be reciprocated. “We can only give to another that which we can give to ourselves – much like how we can only love another as deeply as we can love our inner selves.”

The artist believes that listeners will appreciate the song’s honesty and attitude, delivered by way of catchy lyrics and a high-energy melody. Added to that, the song boasts modern   retro synthesizer elements, reminiscent of the 80s, which gives a unique sound.

The song, which was produced by award-winning, chart-topping artist and producer Daniel Baron, is complemented by an equally unique music video, shot on location at Stable Valley Riding School and directed by Matthew Levings.

The idea for the video – which features a stunning white horse and elaborate regal outfits – was conceptualised by Anne herself. “In the video the queen refuses the advances of a man, telling him to seek his own crown first – that a queen won’t settle for anything less than a king. Additionally, there’s the subtext that all men have a king inside of them, they simply need to do the work to realise their own intrinsic value and sovereignty,” she explains.

Watch the video here:

QUICK FIX is Anne’s fifth single and follows in the successful footsteps of previous hits like She’s On Fire, Poison, Transcend, and Dying To Love You, which was Jacaranda FM’s Hot Hit of the Day on the day it got released.

Her latest two singles feature on her debut album, titled TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Containing ten tracks, ranging from alternative pop and a heart-wrenching ballad to epic cinematic and dramatic songs, the album marries the modern and futuristic sounds of today with the delicate and soul-moving sounds of the past. An album that will both move your body and stir your soul and which she describes as an “enthralling journey of soul screaming at you in a way that gives you permission to heal too”.

“Each song has been carefully crafted to do absolute justice to the lyrics and emotion behind the music, to such a degree that the listener is entirely drawn into the abstract experience of each piece,” Anne explains. Described as otherworldly, it also extensively features the violin. “I view my violin as an extension of my voice, and I decided to play violin on various tracks to add that extra emotional element that a voice simply can’t.”

According to Anne, love and heartbreak are two of the most relatable aspects of the human condition and have inspired so much art throughout the ages. Similarly, her album is inspired by her own journey of rediscovering herself following heartbreak.

She highlights Oh, What A Crime and Cease Fire as firm favourites. “The former is one of the most emotive songs I have ever written and has a strong cinematic sound with classical elements, which is something I really love in music, while the latter was pivotal in helping me grow more confident in myself as a songwriter.”

Although fulfilling and transformative, working on her album has not been without its challenges. “One of the biggest challenges was my own mind and just finding the courage to put such a vulnerable piece of work out there,” says Anne. “Working on this album also showed me time and again that you can’t force things.”

The album is available for download on all digital platforms. 

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Anne currently lives in Johannesburg but grew up on a farm, where she was home-schooled until the age of thirteen. She is the youngest of five children and started playing the violin at a very young age. She launched her solo career in 2017.

The singer-songwriter has enjoyed many career highlights over the years and has shared the stage with numerous big names in the music industry and featured in various orchestras. In her spare time, she is also a violin and piano tutor.

In addition to finalising her debut album, Anne is planning a live launch event early next year. And when she’s not teaching, writing or performing music, she enjoys listening to philosophical speeches and podcasts for self-improvement. “Other than that, I am focused on doing what I love, and that’s turning my lessons, feelings and philosophies into art, wherever that might take me.”

With QUICK FIX, Anne hopes to inspire listeners to recognise their true value. I think there’s a strong and significant philosophy in the song that both women and men will be able to relate to,” she concludes.

The single is available for download on all digital platforms. 

Get it here:



2. Dying to Love You

3. Break the Spell

4. Quick Fix

5. Do You Think of Me Too Sometimes?

6. Sweet Solitude

7. Beautiful Things

8. This One’s for You

9. Oh, What a Crime

10. Cease Fire 





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