Mann Friday to launch their music artwork into outer space with the release of new single and video “Fight for Me”


Pictured: Rob Burrell / Mann Friday
Photo Credit: Michael Rooney

Over the course of two decades, alternative rock group, Mann Friday, have amassed an impressive catalogue of music that they’ve toured globally from Harare to Holland, establishing themselves as stalwarts of the international live scene.
Ahead of the imminent release of their seventh album, Bridgenorth Road, Mann Friday have just released the first single and video for their hopeful anthem, “Fight For Me”.
The artwork for “Fight For Me” will also be headed to space on Elon Musk’s Space X Geometric-1 rocket that’s launching in December, becoming the first artwork for a music release ever beamed into space. “The whole idea of sending artwork up into space is nuts and that’s what drew me to it. The fact that this young kid on the artwork comes from a high-density area outside of Harare and he’s floating around in space on Elon Musk’s rocket is just the coolest!” Rob exclaims when asked about what drew him to the concept. 
With the album roll out having been delayed because of the global pandemic, Mann Friday has been gearing up to get back out on the road with a plethora of new music under the belt and “Fight For Me” is a clear indication of their renewed vigour.
The video, produced by Obscura Productions and directed by Kalai Faye Barlow, features a cast of children who recreate memorable scenes from some of the most iconic movies of all time in an empty warehouse in Harare, Zimbabwe, using nothing but their imaginations and a few ingenious costumes and props. Their wildly infectious attitudes radiate positivity and amplify the song’s core message, which is to not give up in the face of adversity.

Watch the video for “Fight For Me” HERE

Lyrically, the song speaks about what happens after you fall and the process of getting up and picking up the pieces, with vocalist Rob Burrell using a midlife crisis as the foundation to explore these themes, however its meaning has evolved over time with Rob explaining, “Instead of the song being so emotionally tied to its origins, we’ve had the opportunity to grow a bit since the song was written and it’s been really liberating to work on this with a fresh lens and to have some fun with it.” 
At its core, “Fight For Me” is a hopeful track that taps into a somewhat global sentiment at the moment of going through the storm and being all the better for it.

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