Liam Burger releases his brand-new pop single ‘Sofa’


Photo Credit: Clinton Dorr

Liam Burger launched into 2022 with the release and subsequent success of his collaboration with DJ Cosher on the single ‘Sound of Silence’. He releases his first solo single of 2022 with ‘Sofa’ which is out now across all streaming platforms.
Following the release of ‘Sound of Silence’, Liam battled with a health issue which kept him from creating and releasing more music. He has since recovered and is stronger than ever, evident in the energy of his brand-new single ‘Sofa’.
Liam explains that the song is about the anxiety and fear of his health scare recurring, as well as the pressure to top his previous release. “The first version of ‘Sofa’ was a sad acoustic ballad and originally I wasn’t going to release it. After working with another producer on one of my songs, the current version of ‘Sofa’ was born.”
‘Sofa’ is the first from a batch of music written by Liam over the past few months with the aim of bringing light out of a dim situation. “Rather than make a bad situation worse with a sombre sad song, I wanted to make a song that people can bounce and have a good time too,” says Liam. ‘Sofa’ is a mix of the elements Liam likes from today’s pop music mixed with his singer/songwriter lyrics. 
‘Sofa’ is a nostalgic and vibrant pop song that is sure to make you groove. 
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