When achieving major success in the music industry with your first two singles, it is only normal to follow it up with something even more impressive.

Which is exactly what South Africa’s favourite new duo, Legkaart, did with the release of their latest single, TERUG IN TYD

The track, described by them as their “most alternative song to date” was written by lead singer. Anrich Gericke. It is about the feeling you get of time standing still when seeing a specific person.

TERUG IN TYD follows the main character through various times in his life where someone made time stand still,” they explain about the idea behind the song that was produced Johnny de Rider (Die Heuwels Fantasties and Fokofpolisiekar). “The style differs from anything that is currently available in the Afrikaans industry, and we believe that listeners will enjoy its fresh sound.”

Gerduan Kemp from Gerduan Kemp Photo & Film filmed the music video on various locations in the Cape and was also responsible for the concept and production of the video.

“It follows the main character through his memories of the past while trying to determine what went wrong between him and the person who often bring his life to a halt,” the pair shares. “The video is mostly presented in reverse to complement the theme of going back in time and the performance shots were shot on an empty tennis court in Durbanville.”

Watch the video here:

TERUG IN TYD follows in the footsteps of Wentelbaan and Ek Is Daar, which both performed well on local charts and were featured on three television programs.

Legkaart, consisting of Anrich Gericke en Werner van der Merwe, comes from Durbanville in the Western Cape. Because they believe that each member, chord and lyric are pieces of a bigger puzzle, they agreed that Legkaart would be the perfect name when starting out in 2020.

The duo met when they were members of their dorm’s serenade group. Hippokrates. They decided to join forces after things with their previous bands did not work out as planned.

Anrich entered Die Kontrak in 2022 as Demi Lee’s choice and is currently a fifth-year medical student.

Werner is the group’s lead guitarist and studied physiotherapy until he decided to join his family’s perfume company. He is also working on his pilot’s license.

The group still has a lot of dreams and aspirations and is currently working on a new song and video that will be available early next year.

TERUG IN TYD is one of those songs that gets you excited about what the duo has planned for the future.

It is now available on all digital platforms. Download it here: https://Legkaart.lnk.to/TerugInTydMB


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LegkaartOfficial

Instagram: @legkaart_anrich


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