Delicately flavoured soft, sweet treats that melts in your mouth.


Spring season is the ideal time to take in all moments when the softness of the spring-sun hits the South African landscape….

This year Sally Williams is giving its handmade Turkish Delight its own time in the sun.

Since its launch in 2016, Turkish Delight has shown to be a perfect complement to the already world-renowned nougat range in Sally Williams. Further adding to its popularity is that most of the Sally William’s Turkish Delight range caters to both vegan and vegetarian consumers.
The current Turkish Delight range includes:

  • Rose & Cream Turkish Delight Squares
  • Rose Turkish Delight Squares Enrobed in Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Rose Turkish Delight Squares Enrobed in Belgian Dark Chocolate
  • Rose Turkish Delight Bar Enrobed in Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Orange Turkish Delight Bar enrobed in Belgian Milk Chocolate
    To celebrate the energy-filled spring and summer days that lies ahead, Sally Williams is launching two new zesty flavours, lemon and cherry.
    A new Assorted Turkish Delight Celebrate Box, available in stores from end-September 2022, contains a combination of lemon, orange, rose and cherry squares. With its fruity, yet mature flavours, they are ideal to incorporate in your spring and summer festivities. It can be served during your high-teas, mini-brunches, lunches, sunset cocktails/mocktails or dinner parties. And for the courageous, to add a twist on traditional recipes, you can infuse your cocktails/mocktails or baking with any of our four Turkish Delight flavours.
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