Nuy Winery 2022 Veritas Awards results

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Nuy Winery clinched three Double Gold and two Gold medals at the 2022 Veritas Awards- the top performer in the fortified wines division.

Synonymous with excellence in wine and brandy, the Veritas Awards is the longest running and most prestigious wine and brandy competition in South Africa, dating back to 1991.

The winning wines are:

Double Gold:

Nuy Copper Potstilled Brandy 

Nuy Wit Muskadel 2006

Nuy Rooi Muskadel 2000


Barbieri Idro Barrel Aged Red Muscadel 2015

Nuy Wit Muskadel 2012

“We are very pleased and grateful for the recognition of our brandy and muscadel wines, we see these as specialty products at Nuy Winery,” says Christo Pienaar, cellar master at Nuy Winery.


Nuy Winery team at the 2022 Veritas Awards function, l to r Christo Pienaar (Cellar Master), Louis Martin (Winemaker) en Paul Burger (Winemaker).

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