From the bursting blues and vibrant yellow-orange hues of Table Mountains’ sunset, Cape Town-born singer-songwriter, trumpet-player and music producer, Me-Ko, was birthed into melodies and has carried his home in his heart and music since.

“Love, Home, Nostalgia is still the soundtrack to moments in my life today.”

Me-Ko’s music is inspired by R&B and Soul from the 80s and 90s, which is transparent in his debut EP, ‘Love, Home, Nostalgia’. This EP is a testament of Me-Ko’s ability to consistently make catchy tracks with infectious beats and memorable lyrics.

‘Vibing’, the first track off the album, Me-Ko decided to look back to an earlier stage of his career for inspiration and got Idols Winner, Vincent Bones involved to compliment the track.

Me-Ko explains: “I always wanted to be involved in making a love song in English and Zulu. I was inspired and influenced by songs like ‘Sondela’ by Ringo Madlingozi, which I saw him perform live at music festivals back when I toured the country as part of Jimmy Dludlu’s band at the start of my career. Such powerful moments. And when Vinny and I spoke about the song direction we both felt the same vibe and it all came together beautifully.”

Watch the live performance video of ‘Vibing’ HERE

‘Vibing’ speaks about the overwhelming feeling when you meet someone truly special, and for Me-Ko, this special person is his wife. He writes, “I’m blessed to be with the most beautiful woman who loves and supports me, believes in me and inspires me to write most of these songs.”

When it comes to love, Me-Ko is well versed in the concept, hence the title of his upcoming EP, ‘Love, Home, Nostalgia’. It’s an EP about the love of his life, being proudly South African, and reminiscing on his Cape Town roots.

“Music in most cases is an expression of emotion. Attempting a career in music is risky and

there are no guarantees. If you’re in a relationship with someone, you need them to roll the dice with you and believe in you. I could never do this alone.”

For Me-Ko, most of his songs come from a place of personal life experience, as well as the desire to tell stories. Essentially, his aim is to relay whatever message he feels strongly in his heart, and he does this through his easy-flowing lyrics.

‘Love, Home, Nostalgia’ has been in the works since 2021 and Me-Ko knew he was onto something memorable. Whether it’s the silky trumpet sections or his soulful lyrics, some even co-written by 2022 SAMA nominee, Thapelo Lekoane, with ‘You Know Me’, this EP is set to transport you to a place filled with ‘Love, Home, and Nostalgia’.

When not at his home studio, ‘Love, Home, Nostalgia’ was crafted alongside the multi-instrumentalist, Howie Combrink, at The Hit Lab Studio, who also co-wrote ‘Love Ain’t Easy’. Me-Ko also hints at some exciting singles and collaborations planned for mid to end 2023, with some of his future music dipping into other genres.

As a message to his fans, he writes, “Remember where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Look ahead. Stay true to yourself. Surround yourself with good people. Feel and love as much as you can and live life as hard as you can.”

Do yourself a favour and go and listen to this record from top to bottom. Listen HERE

Full Track Listing:

  1. Vibing (feat.Vincent Bones)
  2. You Know Me
  3. Fading
  4. Summer Every Weekend
  5. Without You
  6. Love Ain’t Easy


Photographer: Rici Martins





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