Cece Vee burns bright in new single and sci-fi inspired music video, ‘Shooting Stars’

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With the release of her acclaimed debut EP ‘Past Midnight’ in January and her follow-up single Self-Doubt’ which has been steadily climbing local charts, 2022 has been nothing short of monumental for genre-transcending singer and multi-instrumentalist, Cece Vee.
In the relatively short span of her career so far, Vee has been steadily making her mark on both the international and local music scene, with her efforts even earning her first SAMA (South African Music Awards) nomination in the public-voted category for Artist of the Year. Notably, she also garnered an exciting sync placement for her song “Wild Hearts” in an episode of US TV series ‘Good Trouble’ in 2021.
On a roll with no signs of slowing down, Cece unleashes her latest offering, an 80s inspired pop song called “Shooting Stars.” Exploding synth pads and disco strings pave the way for pulsating enigmatic builds and transitions. Cece Vee effortlessly layers her laid-back yet confident vocals over the relentless four-to-the-floor beat.
Cece reveals that Shooting Stars is about the early stages of a new relationship and how everything feels fresh and exciting during that initial honeymoon phase. “You fall hard and you fall fast, unbothered by any faults and red flags and just living for the thrill of this new relationship and the rush that comes along with it,” she says of the track. “Just like a shooting star, it’s magical and wonderful, but it burns out in the blink of an eye.”

Watch the music video for ‘Shooting Stars

The cinematic music video co-directed by Cece herself alongside video producer, Joshua Cookson, is an action-packed, sci-fi inspired thrill ride. The video portrays Cece and her intoxicating love interest (portrayed by Meggan Johnstone) in a cat and mouse game that seems equally thrilling and deadly.
“The song has quite a sci-fi, “spacy” feel to it, so I decided to fully embrace the sci-fi feel for the music video. Inspired by some of my favourite shows and movies such as The 100 (#Clexa), Tank Girl, Mad Max, Sucker Punch and more, we wanted to capture that excitement of the “thrill of the chase” and that adrenaline-rush-like feeling of a new relationship through an action/sci-fi backdrop. This is definitely one of my favourite music videos we’ve shot so far.”

Fierce and ferocious, Shooting Stars is here to remind us of the fact that although new love may come and go, it’s worth it to go along for the ride. With this punchy and dance-worthy new offering, Cece Vee once more proves she is one to watch.

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