Frans Karoo unveils his second Afrikaans solo single with the release of ‘Die Breils’


Frans Karoo unveils his sophomore Afrikaans release with his next single ‘Die Breils’ building up towards the drop of his debut Afrikaans album, due for early 2023.
Frans, who has made a name for himself as the front man of Blues Rock bands Jet Black Camaro and Gunshot Blue, launched his solo Afrikaans music career with the release of his debut single ‘O God’ in June of this year. He reveals his next single ‘Die Breils’ as he starts building towards the release of his debut album, due early 2023.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Die Breils’

Johan Botha paints a picture of the sound and controversial theme of the song as he listens to ‘Die Breils’, saying “The guitars hit you first, Johnny Cash here we come. Then the hands clap and Frans thinks there’s trouble. Now suddenly it feels Gospel. The instruments just keep going, just hold on, f*k just keep going. Then Frans’ words turn around in the second chorus and then you realise why – where there is darkness by hiding there is darkness out there now too. I don’t quite understand – that’s the key sense of the song. Frans surprises us at the end with a story that very few people will understand. Frans doesn’t throw judgement; he merely points it out — just how open-minded the church is in our time. The song is clapping hands with an infectious sing-along chorus. The bullet is through the church, wake up… Frans sings ironically and slightly moaningly but he sings sincerely, from the knowledge of a deep ditch.”
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