Amy Lilley releases her debut album, “Petrichor” via Platoon


After months of sharing single after single, Amy Lilley has finally released her debut album,
‘Petrichor’. Leading up to the release, Amy has shared a love letter to her former self in the
form of a single entitled, ‘Video Games’; her single ‘Miles’ is about not always seeing eye to
eye but feeling the deeper love that is shared; a nostalgic ode to 2000’s R&B with a single called
‘These Walls’ and the latest single before the release called ‘Thelma and Louise’.
‘Petrichor’ refers to the smell in the air it has just rained and Amy shares more on the reason
for the title – “My first single Formidable had a line in the hook – “I hope it’s raining on the other
side”. When I was creating Petrichor, I wanted it to be a progression from my previous work and
to show that I had shed a lot of the fears I had with my first EP. So for me, it’s about the growth
of me as an artist and a human being. I am on the other side of the hurt and loving where I am
and myself.”
This nine-track body of work embodies a nostalgia that can elicit reminiscent feelings from
music being influenced by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Twinpeaks and Patsy Cline. Amy has
added her own take on the singles and has created songs still relevant to the music we hear
today. This old-school influence will be a dominant through line and has been described as the
kind of music “you would play in the car on a road trip.” When it comes down to it, Amy shares
that she’s hoping people will love the music that Petrichor has to offer and can identify with the
songs. “If my music can heal a hurt or be belted in the car that would make me so happy.”
Following the previous single releases, the track titled, ‘Bowie’ is the focus track for ‘Petrichor’.
“Bowie started off with my producer Greg Abrahams playing these lovely guitar chords over and
over as we were searching for something to inspire us,” Amy shares. “I just started writing and it
became the ballad on the album.It’s about someone who’s never danced before, they have
never felt that swept away feeling love can give. I wanted to equate love to dancing and that
feeling of being swept off your feet.” And the title of the track? “I decided to call the song Bowie
because of the nostalgia I have of listening to Bowie when I fell in love for the first time. The
nostalgia of it all I feel translates into the track, with these big 80s power chords and simple
rhythm. Bowie is my ode to falling in love for the first time.”
When asked on what it feels like to finally be able to share her debut album, Amy describes the
feeling as surreal. “You work on a project for so long and it becomes so close to your heart, then
you have to release it into the world. I’m feeling so excited and nervous at the same time. I loved
making this album and I hope people love listening to it as much as I did making it. I feel so
proud of this project and how far I have come as an artist. I feel like I am making music I
genuinely love – Its an incredible feeling.”
Stream Petrichor now on all major platforms.
Keep up to date with the latest on Amy Lilley and her upcoming debut album on her social
media: @amylilley.official

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