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Lizette Volkwyn is an interesting person who isn’t afraid to break the rules. Her nails are always painted different colours and she takes off her shoes after being on stage for a few minutes. She is a qualified IT technician that can assemble computers from scratch and was also the first female branch manager of Gestetner in a male dominant industry.

Furthermore, she is the author of Finding Me (a book on self-discovery), a regular keynote speaker at seminars all over the word and one of South Africa’s leading human lie detectors.

This remarkable woman will be a guest on kykNET’s popular talk show, Kwêla, on 18 September at 18h00 to share more about her interesting life and job.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to reach a broader audience and share more about what human lie detection entails,” she says. “I respect the way Hannes treats guests during his interviews and look forward to having an in-depth discussion with him.”

Lizette is a Jill of all trades who, following a corporate career spanning more than two decades, decided to follow her passion and launch her own consultancy. In addition to her work as a human lie detector, Lizette offers personal life coaching, sales, leadership and communication training, self-discovery workshops, group coaching, and online marketing training. She has also worked with clients in more than 20 countries and has shared the stage with international thought leaders.

Currently her main focus is training people to master the truth and communicate more effectively.

“There is a great need for truthful and transparent communication in our lives. However, we can be very gullible and tend to believe everything we hear, rather than what we see. This can be detrimental to our personal and professional relationships,” says Lizette.

She is hosting an exclusive two-day workshop; I CAN SEE YOU LIE at the Centurion Golf Club Country Estate on 11 and 12 November 2022. 

During this event, Lizette, who is one of only two certified PEI human lie detectors in the country, will teach attendees to control their emotions, identify lies, and improve their overall communication by sharing the basic principles of lie detection.

“This workshop will teach people to understand the fundamentals of nonverbal communication, body language and lie detection,” she shares.

Lizette will be joined by guest speaker Marcus Coetzee – the country’s only other certified PEI human lie detector and an artificial intelligence (AI) specialist.

The two-day I CAN SEE YOU LIE workshop costs R2 850 per person. The price includes notes on the course material, lunch and refreshments. Participants also stand a chance of winning a self-discovery workshop with Lizette to the value of R6 500. For more information or to register, send an email to info@lizettevolkwyn.com or visit www.lizettevolkwyn.com/I-can-see-you-LIE.

To get people excited about her upcoming workshop, she will be hosting a free webinar at 20:00 on 21 September. “This is the perfect way to introduce people to concept of human lie detecting. The webinar is ideal for anyone who wants to communicate more effectively or works in a management, HR or marketing position,” she explains. 

It is important to book your place in advance. Go to www.lizettevolkwyn.com/How-to-spot-a-lie to register.

Lizette is passionate about training people to communicate more effectively. “Human lie detecting is a skill that can improve your communication skills and help you identify mannerisms and possible outcomes in advance,” she concludes. 


Facebook: www.facebook.com/confidentlyfindingme

Instagram: @lizette_volkwyn

Twitter: @LizetteVolkwyn

Website: www.lizettevolkwyn.com

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