South Africa’s Mark Wayne has released his new emotional single entitled, “Fallen”. When asked about the meaning behind the single, Mark explains – Fallen is a love letter written for all my family who passed away over the years.”

Currently living in Spain for the past few years, Mark found himself as one of the millions of people affected by the pandemic. “I was unable to travel to South Africa to attend most of their funerals and this song will always be a reminder of how the memory of them will never die.” South Africa’s award-winning producer, Ebrahim Mallum, worked on the track. Mark explains that he was able to articulate the best of Mark’s feelings and memories and channel them into this beautiful ballad. “ It’s an easy soft sung ballad evoking emotion of longing ,sadness but also peace and calm knowing the memories will never die,” Mark shares. 

Watch the official music video for Fallen

A natural born talent and well-experienced performer, Mark Wayne has been travelling and performing overseas for almost 20 years. His latest single is a great follow up to his previous singles including, “Unforgettable”, which received an overwhelming amount on various stations across the country and was featured on a few chart shows. 

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