Krispy Kreme South Africa launches Churro Doughnuts range


Chuurr up, Krispy Kreme has got something sweet for you!

Get the yummy in your tummy and celebrate with the all new Churros Doughnuts range, available from 8 August until 11 September 2022. We hope your taste buds are ready for a flavour explosion!

Caramel lovers be sure to get your hands on the Dulce de Leche Filled Doughnut. A bit of chocolate a day keeps the sadness away, keep the sadness at bay with the Chocolate Ganache Filled Doughnut.
Feel warm and fuzzy with the Custard Kreme Filled Doughnut.

These delicious doughnuts are also available in bites of absolute perfection; it tastes like a ball of magic exploding in your mouth.

For the hot chocolate lovers this is for you. The luscious, silky decadent Belgian hot chocolate tastes like a warm hug from your favourite person, paired with your favourite Churro doughnuts there is nothing quite
like it.

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