SA feature film Two Hues.NFT to host on ramping event at Artscape


South African filmmaker Weaam Williams, is set to host an NFT on ramping event for her feature film Two Hues in collaboration with Artscape, Polygon Impact Plus and icubed capital on 9 August 2022. 

This event will comprise of a film screening of the proof-of-concept short film (16min), followed by an information session about NFT’s and block-chain, and the opportunity it presents to filmmakers and artists.

The short-film won five awards on the international film festival circuit in 2021 including Best Women Empowerment Film – Berlin Short Film Festival, and Best Lead Access – West Europe International Film Festival. Two Hues is a film about a bipolar photographer and her journey navigating patriarchy in a Muslim family, as well as a male-dominated advertising agency.

Date: Tuesday 09 August

Time: 11:00 am SAST

Venue:  Artscape, Cape Town

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The event will then proceed into an information session about NFT’s which has had an explosion worldwide over the past 18 months. The pandemic forced artists into an online space leading to the boom of the NFT market. This women’s day event is an on-ramping one to expand this community and open the door for artists and buyers.

The session ends with a fund-raiser for the feature film – Africa’s first NFT funded feature film. Weaam and her team will take the audience through the process step by step as to how to download a metamask wallet, mint a Two Hues NFT and get white-listed for the feature film premiere.

There is no obligation for attendees to purchase the NFT. It is an opportunity for the public to participate as NFT holders to the Two Hues feature film. NFT holders will get white-listed which provides them access to the first screenings of TwoHues.nft before it heads for the festival circuit and the box office.

Your NFT will also provide tokens to the Two Hues DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) where you will have access to behind the scenes info about the film, and vote on certain creative decisions.

According to the statistics produced by TwoHues.NFT feature film is forecasted as a box office success. The process employs the mechanism of ingesting the feature film screenplay and generating artificial intelligence forecasts similar to those used by big streaming platforms.

Connect with Weaam Williams:

Facebook: Weaam Williams

Twitter: @WeaamWilliams

Instagram: @weaam.taproductions


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