Cape Town, wherever you go – Everyone is invited to a worldwide initiative just launched.

The Cape Town Ring, designed by Yair Shimansky, the founder of the Shimansky diamond and jewellery brand, is an iconic design that captures the essence of Cape Town and becomes a visible brand ambassador worldwide, with instant recognition that transforms into a passionate conversation and experience share.

The Ring That Binds Us, a Shimansky initiative that started as a passion for bringing worldwide awareness of the beautiful Mother City, has grown into a movement where anyone passionate about the city can join and contribute toward an incredible initiative aiming to attract visitors to our shores. Known for creating coveted pieces of jewellery, Shimansky CEO, Yair Shimansky, says this is not about jewellery, this is about making a contribution toward resuscitating tourism – which is key to the economy of South Africa. “A jewellery designer might be an unlikely ambassador for Tourism,” says Shimansky, “but the tourism value chain is broader than one thinks”. 

In a city like Cape Town where travel trends are seasonal, unfettered air access remains key to continued tourism growth. Cape Town currently has direct linkages to its key source markets – the United States via Delta Airline flying three times a week, Germany via Lufthansa Airline flying daily and the United Kingdom via London Heathrow with British Airways flying daily. 

Supported by economic and tourism government agencies, the city, the private sector, and individuals who share their love of Cape Town – and the importance of the positive impact that every visitor brings with on their visit and beyond – the timeless jewellery piece was unveiled today at the Norval Foundation in Tokai.

“With the positive social and economic impact that every visitor creates, especially after the pandemic and the current global turmoil, Capetonians and visitors alike can make a difference by sharing and spreading the unique Cape Town energy – and for us this ring captures that,” says Shimansky.

“With the economic outlook and lessons learned from Covid, we all must come together with a shared vision and responsibility to create awareness on a worldwide scale to successfully compete with other destinations; watch the space and get involve where every person can make a difference”, added Shimansky.

Shimansky insists that the Cape Town ring is about creating a movement. A movement that shines a spotlight on Cape Town – gets visitors and locals alike talking about the city. The sentiment being, if you love Cape Town, carry a piece of her with you always.  

The Cape Town Ring is available as a woman or a man version from silver to gold with an affordable price to spread the message of Cape Town across all borders.

The Cape Town Ring is the perfect opportunity to not only wear something that shows your love of this South African city, but it’s an opportunity to own an iconic jewellery piece, designed by Shimansky himself.

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