Sharing The Vibe – Volume 2

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A team is not just a few people thrown together to make things happen; they become a well-oiled machine understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses to become an unstoppable force.

As an ambivert, private, and very independent individual, one of my weaknesses was to be a great team player. Looking back, I wish I could have gathered the courage much sooner to “lean” on like-minded team members to showcase our strengths and change people’s lives.

This past month I realized that no matter which industry, everyone has their team, and if one becomes hostile or antagonistic, it affects the performance and the outcome of results.

If you find yourself in a position of not trusting your team or feeling like an outsider, have a heart-to-heart talk. Today is a good day to open honest communication channels, reach out and showcase your authenticity and added value.

May you find the courage, just like I did, Confidently Stepping Up, showcase your authenticity, and become the best team member you could be.

– Lizette Volkwyn

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