Mbedle Makasana honours his roots with new single Where I Am Coming From

Mbedle Makasana, the rising freshman has come back stronger with a tribute to authenticity and his roots with new anthem titled Where I Am Coming From.

Widely known as the voice of the ghetto with his story telling skills a soulful voice, humble spirit and professionalism that belies his youth.  Mbedle Makasana is more  just a hit-maker but a healer through his music. 

Stream Where I Am Coming From here:  https://push.fm/fl/ur4qpoat

Brimming with catchy hooks, hard beats, and his trademark, quick-spoken rap style, the single blends hip-hop and rap with modern electronic touches while seamlessly fusing 90s sound influences.

Mbedle Makasana bring a breath of fresh air in the music scene with his vibrant approach, fans and industry stakeholders alike should brace themselves for a futuristic kind of sound, complete local infused lingo and blended genres from the rising freshman. 

A creative, a lyricist, and a performer. These are some of the titles that can be attributed to Mbedle Makasana. Hailing from Tongaat, Hambanathi he is one independent to lookout for this year under the watchful eye of Timeless Productions.

With his impeccable verses and deliveries, Mbedle has an impressive track record that will surely make him one of the most sought-after musicians in the future. 

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Connect with Mbedle Makasana

Facebook: Mbedle Makasana

Twitter: @MbedleMakasana

Instagram: @mbedlemakasana

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