Jack Parow, YoungstaCPT & Middelvinger release hip-pop track “Innie Boland” and it’s a celebration of all things lekker


South African rappers Jack Parow, YoungstaCPT and Middelvinger have one very simple thing in common – they’re proud of where they come from and they represent their respective hoods at all times.
Their new collaborative single “Innie Boland” is a celebration of this, as the three rappers come together to pen a unique ode to the Boland region of the Western Cape.

Listen to “Innie Boland” HERE
Recorded at the world class Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch, alongside Fred den Hartog and Jürgen von Wechmar, who has worked with some of the country’s biggest artists like Die Heuwels Fantasties, aKING and Albert Frost, “Innie Boland” is meeting of some of SA’s best lyrical minds.

When questioned about how the track came together, Middelvinger says, “YoungstaCPT brought a beat, a very raw beat and then Fred de Hartog went and produced the hell out of it. Then I invited Jack Parow and the Y?GEN crew to come over to the studio and put some lyrical genius to it.”

When asked what the vibe was like in the studio during recording, YoungstaCPT explains, “Middelvinger is a good friend and he was the common denominator between Parow and I. We always spoke about doing something for years but it took Middelvinger to make it happen. All natural. All organic. Magic.”

Jack Parow also couldn’t resist a good hangout saying, “We also braaied… and that’s how they caught me!”

But at its core, the song is about a great day out with your crew in the Boland as YoungstaCPT explains, “The song generally makes mention of having a good time in the Boland. People always think you need to spend a lot of money travelling overseas and going out to fancy resorts to have a lekker time yet you can enjoy yourself with a simple road trip up to the Boland.

This upbeat, hip-pop anthem is made for those days when the sun is shining, wine is flowing, smoke is smoking, so sit back and relax while you turn your volume all the way up.  

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