Timothy Moloi – ‘Love is Never Blind’ selected as the lead track for RADA Unearthed Volume Two, Rada’s new music album – OUT NOW


“What I am most proud of is that I have made my gift of music, not only a way to make a living but also a way to have a positive impact in the lives of others.” – Timothy Moloi

Celebrating one of South Africa’s most amazing talents, Timothy Moloi with his latest single ‘Love is Never Blind’ the lead track on RADA’s third music album. RADA Unearthed Volume Two’ is now available on all streaming platforms. Listen HERE

The song speaks profoundly of unconditional love and acceptance, assuring the people in our lives of our undying love and enduring support.  They are loved regardless of their flaws.  Life is sometimes tough and knowing that we have friends and family to carry us through is what matters most.  We are never alone.  The song carries a message of growth, hope and encouragement.  Never be afraid to take chances, find your courage and reach for your dreams.

“This song written in conjunction with Howie Combrink and Sevven is about the power of love and what true love really means to each of us,” says Timothy, “love can and will conquer all!”

The music video for the single, directed by Howie Combrink and Sevven, was shot in various local theatres.  It reflects the challenges faced at the height of the pandemic and the impact it had on the lives of those working in the entertainment industry.  Venues were closed, audiences were non-existent, artists and everyone working in the arts were not able to make a living.  The backdrop of the video is empty seats in theatres, putting the spotlight on a struggling industry.  Watch the official music video for ‘Love Is Never Blind’ HERE.

Timothy, a multi–SAMA nominee, has performed on both national and international platforms.  His passion and love for music are reflected in his work and songwriting.  Committed to his craft, he always writes from a place of perspective with a deep sense of purpose behind the message. Speaking on the process for the single and music video, Moloi shares, “Although lockdown was a very difficult period for all of us, it gave Howie, Sevven and myself time to work on improving and perfecting ‘Love is Never Blind’.  We wanted the video to reflect the challenges we were facing during this time.”

In addition to the music video, there is a heart-warming EPK of Timothy discussing the creative process around the single, the relationship with RADA and his love for the entertainment industry.  Watch the EPK HERE

Moloi has been affiliated with RADA since 2018. “I am inspired and moved by the work that RADA does for so many people in need in our communities every day.  I love the fact that RADA supports artists and gives them a platform to create new work, while assisting orphans, the elderly, homeless individuals, mentally and physically disabled, those struggling with addictions and more,” says Timothy. 

“‘Love is Never Blind’ which is all about unconditional love, aligns with the energy and the tireless commitment that I see in everyone who works for RADA.  The amazing work being done is driven by love, with nothing being expected in return.  ‘Love Is Never Blind’ is a song I am most proud to have released.  I would love for people to be moved, inspired, uplifted and encouraged by the song. I hope that when they listen to it, they feel all the love and passion that went into its creation,” says Timothy.

‘RADA Unearthed Volume Two’ is a six-track compilation album featuring songs from genres such as pop, adult contemporary and world music with each track narrating a different story.  Recorded at The Hit Lab Recording Studio in Johannesburg, ‘RADA Unearthed Volume Two’ features an all-star collection of musicians.

‘RADA Unearthed Volume Two’ releases across all digital platforms on 22 June 2022, with ‘Love is Never Blind’ as the lead track. Listen or download HERE

About the song

Song: Love is Never Blind

Artist: Timothy Moloi

Released: 2021

Genre: Adult contemporary

Written by: Timothy Moloi, Howard Bradley Combrink, Sevven

Produced by: Howie Combrink – The Hit Lab, Johannesburg

Co-produced by: Neil Engel – The Hit Lab, Johannesburg

Mixed by: Howie Combrink – The Hit Lab, Johannesburg

Mastering done by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, United States

Digital platforms for downloads: ALL – Including – Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer


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Artist tag: @TimothyMoloi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook artist page which is: www.facebook.com/TimothyMoloiOfficial/

RADA albums:

RADA Unearthed Vol.1 released in 2016, with original tracks by new and established artists.

RADA Inspire Vol.1 released in 2018/2019,features many of South Africas’ famous bands.  It shares messages of inspiration with audiences in a fresh and dynamic way. 

RADA Unearthed Vol.2 released as singles is a compilation of original talent.  The music is a mixture of urban and pop, each song having a distinct sound and message.  The compete album will be released in June 2022.

The songs on the various albums aim to deliver a message of love, inspiration and the understanding that when life throws a curve ball, you always have choice.  The royalty fees earned from the RADA music albums are used to support and maintain RADA projects.  RADA music aims to inspire whilst having a direct impact on the lives of others.

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