A Special Surprise for Burn Care Trust

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This month the Parent and Baby Brunch podcast series, in partnership with Epi-max, surprised guest Dr Nikki Allorto with a R20 000 donation to the Burn Care Trust.

The Burn Cure Trust is a KZN-based organisation playing an invaluable role in the South African healthcare system. Founded by Dr Allorto, the Burn Care Trust offers support and guidance to parents on how to react to burn emergencies at home.

Parent and Baby Brunch founder and presenter Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp was so moved by the work done by the burns team that she, coupled with Epi-max, made a R20 000 donation.

Burns to children and infants, while at home, are unfortunately commonplace. Some preventative tips include:

  • When running your child’s, run the cold water before the hot water
  • Tuck away the power chord of the kettle to prevent tugging from inquisitive kids
  • Turn the pot handles towards the back of the stove so they cannot be reached

Watch the video here: https://fb.watch/dwakiPRAtX/

Parent + Baby Brunch was founded by Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp. The content portal is best known for its parenting podcasts, regularly ranking as the number one locally-produced parenting podcasts in South Africa.

“The concept was born shortly after I had my first daughter”, says Elana. “Like the adage write what you know, I created the Parent + Baby Brunch community after experiencing first-hand what mothers and fathers of newborn children were experiencing. I was on a whatsapp group with my just-turned-parent girlfriends at 2am, everyone complaining about anything from sore nipples to back-aches. I knew there weren’t sufficient support groups out there, and so I started one!”

Several years later with over 100 podcasts and 200 000 total lifetime channel listens under her belt, the popularity of the Parent + Baby Brunch podcasts continues to grow from strength to strength with thousands of streams per month across South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Israel and many more nations.

More about Elana:

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp is a popular media personality and businessperson. This mompreneur  presents a daily radio show on Jacaranda fm in Gauteng, is an actress and contributor on TV, and regularly hosts corporate events.

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