“Eat, Drink & Remarry” or just listen to the new Amersham single

SA’s legendary Rock band, Amersham, unleash their first release of the year as they burst into 2022 with their latest single, “Eat, Drink & Remarry”, – Out now across all digital platforms.
Listen to “Amersham – Eat, Drink & Remarry” HERE
“All our latest songs are inspired by midlife crisis: This one is about divorce,” explains Nathan Waywell.
As with the previous four singles, “Eat, Drink & Remarry” – mastered at the legendary Abbey Road in London – is holistic: a democratically written and recorded song, playful yet true to life.
Amersham (made up of Adam Lomas, Sasha Sonnbichler, Tim Trotter, and Nathan Waywell) is pushing boundaries and challenging convention with each new track they drop, and “Eat, Drink & Remarry” now sits atop a growing mount of cheeky adrenaline-fueled fun.
The subsequent success of the new songs since 2020 has the band and longstanding fans feeling vindicated that there is still more great music to be made.
Free of restriction and exhilarated to be writing and recording together, Amersham’s new music invites listeners to be swept up and taken on a trip filled with excitement, possibility and cathartic liberation.
Complete with new material, live recordings and B-sides, Amersham has an album’s worth of music in hand, ready to unleash the energy, intricate arrangements and a whole host of unheard inclusions which elevate Adam’s sublime lyrical storytelling.
Think big, bold, and colourful, complemented with loud and powerful arrangements, peppered with now staple female vocal harmonies, wrapped up in production designed to kiss you on both cheeks virtually – that’s what Amersham 2.2 delivers with every magnetic riff.
“A hip-swaying, raunch-filled lyrical rollercoaster ride as only Adam can deliver, “Eat, Drink & Remarry” is immediate intoxication, neatly and confidently bound within its three-minute tease. Dive in and say, ‘I do’, well, at least until the next Amersham distraction.” – Jason Curtis @ Matters
Fun, not glib, Amersham’s “Eat, Drink & Remarry” confirms that the music they make is relevant, relatable, and rocking aloud. Yes, turn it all the way up and the neighbours you’ve yet to meet will be over in a shot.

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