All We Feel – A catchy commercial song seeding Aspiration, with an ambition to Seed and inspire the future.


Haas Lauomo ’s new song all we feel has been written and produced with the sole focus of seeding the feeling of success by driving towards your dream. This journey with consistency will unlock your potential and edge you closer to the greatness you deserve and inspire in others.

Not only is Haas Lauomo a persevering determined artist, but an academic who holds an MBA, a degree in commerce, multiple other diplomas and certifications in the field of accounting, strategy, internationalization and has done impressive work with some amazing corporate credentials across his timeline.

Developing his music skills took time and effort like everything else. Going to music school, experiencing ups and downs. Releasing music over his timeline with strong critics, haas fed his hunger for success by listening and actioning development in the right direction.

His journey to music has been driven by a burning passion to bring words to life, but it was not until a few years back that he put his passion to work. Born into a traditional home, he focused on the normal path to growth, completing his business degree and working towards a normal career. It was in this process that he realized his creative passion screaming. Starting a fresh career in music concurrent to his normal career pathway, haas Lauomo went into the study of music, dedicated to cause, he sat many hours trying to master the art of melodic vocalizing.

Two years into his studies, Haas Lauomo started releasing music, and continued to try and better his capability to eventually create music that brings together melody, messaging and emotional alignment.

The track “All we feel” embodies the challenges that is relatable across the generational timeline. What we need more now then ever is music that sounds fun, infects and starts seeding the right behaviors and curiosity that pushes the human race forward. Change starts in the mind, through consistency, time, focus, determination and aspiration we eventually will start seeing changes everywhere.

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