On the 3rd of May 2022, the founder of Modern Breed, international speaker, and author, Erik Kruger’s second book, DANGEROUS, was officially launched in all good bookstores and on online platforms nationwide. As anticipated, it quickly hit the bestseller list.

Tracey McDonald from Tracey McDonald Publishers confirmed that this inspiring book entered the Exclusive Books Business Bestsellers Top 10 in the fifth position within a very short time after release. 

“It has been incredible to see the book being received so well.  I think it’s because it’s the right message at the right time.  People have been in survival mode for more than 2 years and survival mode is simply just not good enough.  The book is a reminder for people to become formidable again, to take risk, to grow”, says Kruger.

If you want to become effective against the threats in your life, and if you are interested in not only embracing the challenges and obstacles that life places in your path, but in seeing them for the opportunity that they really are, then this book should be your ultimate guide. 

DANGEROUS is about taking back control and stepping into your power.  It applies to every single one of us.  From journalists, to celebrities, to pastors, to parents, to CEO’s, and entrepreneurs. We should all be a little more dangerous. We should all act in ways that advance us to overcome the threats that we face. And it just so happens that as we do that, we are also protecting those in our care. 

This book could not be more timely given the onslaught of threats and challenges that South Africans are currently facing.

DANGEROUS is published by Tracey McDonald Publishers and is available in all bookstores and online now. 

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About the author

Erik Kruger is an international speaker, author and facilitator that curates and shares insights to help leaders adapt and excel in modern times.

This thought leader co-hosts a popular podcast with best-selling author, John Sanei, called The Expansive.

He holds several qualifications from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), including a BSc Physiotherapy, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, and a Master of Management in Business and Executive Coaching.

Over the course of his life, Erik has reinvented himself several times. He went from being a physiotherapist to launching South Africa’s biggest self-development community for men to the work that he does today, a journey that was sparked by his natural ability to finds new ways to communicate old truths. 

When he is not traveling for work, Erik enjoys drinking good coffee, good whisky, and a round of golf. He also enjoys hitting the open road for breakfast runs, chilling in front of the Xbox, or going hiking with his dogs.

Erik currently lives in Somerset-West with his wife and German Shepherds.



Instagram: @erik_kruger

Twitter: @EricKruger


TikTok: @erik_kruger


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