Posduif releases new single, lands lucrative record and sponsorship deals.


The ever-popular POSDUIF has just released their seventh single, namely SPINNEKOP.

The track, written by band members James Boland and Nick Jordaan, is a fun pop rock song about a gorgeous girl from the Free State. “Everyone is in love with her, but she is unattainable,” explains Boland. “No matter how hard the guys try, she is in charge and makes the rules.”

You are in for a treat if you watch POSDUIF live. These talented musicians are electrifying on stage,  and their new upbeat track, SPINNEKOP, has already earned wide appeal. “The single perfectly captures big band sound and has a way of truly getting the audience involved. After all, most guys know that once you’re in love you’ll try anything to catch the girl’s attention! Of course, girls can also relate as they know they are the ones in charge.”

The timing of SPINNEKOP’s release is perfect as it coincides with an important and exciting announcement – POSDUIF has just signed a lucrative record deal with Sony and Platinum Musiek.

Boland says: “This is a major development for us. We are extremely excited to walk this path with Platinum Musiek’s Kosie van Niekerk, who is a legend in the industry, as well as Ernst and the team from Sony. With their wealth of knowledge, valuable input and experience in the market POSDUIF will undoubtedly reach new heights! We can learn so much from them and we’re truly looking forward to this journey.”

Van Niekerk is equally excited to be working with the band: “It is with great excitement that I announce the signing of a contract with POSDUIF. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them perform live on several occasions and they are amazingly talented. I can’t wait for us to start working together. Watch this space!”

The band has also secured sponsorship deals with WP Motors and Spier. “Both Spier and WP Motors have come on board to work with us, and we look forward to collaborating with these two amazing brands. We’ll be launching some exciting campaigns to showcase them in a unique and fresh way while getting our music out there and significantly growing our own brand,” says Boland.

“The WP Motors team is incredibly proud to sponsor POSDUIF,” says managing director Philip van der Merwe. “Not only is the band as a whole amazing, but each individual member is vastly talented and special. They will undoubtedly reach great heights and we are very excited to be able to support them on their journey.”

Spier’s Frans Smit agrees: “What a pleasure and a privilege to be collaborating with the talented POSDUIF! Our values are closely aligned, and we can’t wait to see both brands continue to grow.”

POSDUIF certainly has a lot to celebrate and will be doing so with a special show at Weiveld in Pretoria on 23 April 2022. Tickets for the show, which kicks off at 21h30 cost R100 and can be booked here  https://bit.ly/23AprilWeiveld

POSDUIF was formed in 2018 and made their debut with the single Brandy Special, which racked up more than 300 000 views on social media. Since then, the band has released several popular hits and was nominated as Band of the Year and for Song of the Year by Bok Radio.

The group consists of Boland, Jordaan (guitarist and vocalist), Amiel Gopal (bassist), Brendan Campbell (producer and lead guitarist) and Nick McCreadie on drums.

In addition to performing often, the band is currently working on material for their second album and are planning several exciting projects with their sponsors. 

Listen to SPINNEKOP here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PosduifLive/

Instagram: @posduif_live

Twitter: @Posduif14

Website: https://posduif.live/

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