The secret is out! sockshh is now available in South Africa.

After a successful launch in the US, sockshh have brought their secret to South Africa!

sockshh believes that the most powerful things about you (and life) are the ones that can’t be seen, that you are the star of the show and not your socks. 

As a true continuity of the core values and aesthetic of the brand, sockshh come in a range of 5 colours, each paired with an emotion and unique scent. Each colour is based on an emotion and is paired with a unique scent that fits your feet and your mood.

Now step into each day of the week with support for you, your feet, your life, and your mood, every step of the way.

About sockshh:

  • Recyclable eco-friendly packaging like you have never seen before. After washing the socks, place them back in the tube to retain that freshness, and wear the socks that suit your feet and your mood.
  • After washing, store the socks in the tube along with the scent to retain that freshness.
  • sockshh provides a premium counter top swivel stand with additional wall and floor stand options.
  • These secret socks are made with a unique blend of material and contain non-slip bands to stay up when you need them most.
  • Customers can buy one tube, a few tubes, or our gift box containing all colours.
  • Sockshh believes that oversharing and showing off are overrated. That you are unique and so are your feet, as is your life path and the way you choose to walk it

Instagram: @shockshh

Facebook: sockshh

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