Can you hear the ROAR Pretoria, do you see the Thunder?


WATCH OUT!!! Jack Stone and friends will be smashing the stage with ONE big Bruce Springsteen Rock-a-Roll TRIBUTE!!!

We are quite feverish to announce that The Team will host a spot-on tribute spectacular (1 April 2022) at one of Pretoria’s up to date and in demand theatres – Barnyard Menlyn

The trendy spot unrolled with amazing specials,friendly staff and one legit playground for South African Muso’s.  

The show will kick off at about 19h00 with the multitallented MaxX and Love , waxing of the night in Rock-a-rolla STYLE with the  main man himself – Jack Stone and some guest performance by Bob Ffole.

The event will not only honour the music industry legends, but focus on some schmoozing.  Since 2018 the promoting company included  the “VIP” approach, encouraging media and marketing trade to pivot around brand affiliations.

The Stone Empire invited press and primetime guests to join the  event. Hosting VIP is most definitely Ginger’s forte as her adoration to involve Brand Masters, Fashion Icons and public figures such as Marc Barclay, Tiaan Herbs, Luan Lauw from Kritikus, Christo Baas De Beer and old time friends and media Partners GaloreSA always take priority.

Don’t miss out on this one peeps!

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