If Shanya’s debut single ‘Here For You’ doesn’t make you shed a tear, then this heartfelt music video will.


After the successful release of her debut single ‘Here For You’ – a beautiful love song about long distance relationships – singer songwriter Shanya follows it up with a heartfelt music video.

The aim with the video was to put a picture to words. ‘Here For You’ is a very personal story, because it shares intimate details of Shanya’s own relationship.

She says, “We wanted to show the way I felt when my relationship turned long distance, reminiscing about all the memories we made when together.”

The message conveyed here is that no matter how far apart, the two will always be there for each other. This becomes evidently clear at the end of the video.

Shot and directed by SEVVEN, this is Shanya’s very first music video. Despite some struggles with finding a lead, the songstress describes the experience as enlightening and lot of fun.

She explains, “Every guy I tried using said they were too shy or dropped me few days before the shoot. Because of it, I felt that maybe it was a sign not to do it. Then I remembered that the devil despises progress, so I kept asking around until I found the brilliant Zandré van Wyk. I am extremely happy with the final product.”

The music video brings the lyrics to life, giving it some colour and depth, and Shanya is telling in her role. A deeply personal story, this song and video will give you all the feels.

Shanya concludes, “My hope for this video is that people will see and understand the emotions I was experiencing at the time of writing. I hope that it will answer any questions people had when they first heard the song, and more importantly, I really hope that people enjoy this visual representation of the song.”

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