Jack Stone released Ontwaak and with this comes his branded Dark Brewed Coffee, BLAQ. The dark horse has risen !

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Jack Stone has been turning heads with startling collaborations and contemporary ideas. Combining various influences, creating a fresh new vibe trending with the new age music market.
The history of the sensational artist is prodigious, while Media penned many regarding the inspiring act. During the lockdown period he included a special feature with the release of his first Afrikaans contribution, pulling heart strings closer to home.
“Refleksie” circulated in March 2020 with hit songs like “Vraagstuk” and “Dagbreek” serenading both
community and commercial radio stations.
If you know the artist well you will not be surprised to know that way before the single/album launches the next new song is lurking on the horizon.
On 1 Dec 2021 he released his latest original single “Ontwaak”, as the first release to his follow up Afrikaans EP “Parallel”, an overall crowd pleaser set for release across upcoming months of 2022.
The energy of the song categorises the artist as one of South African’s top acts, showcasing his musical ability on an International level, and at the same time becoming an avid local favourite.
The STONE EMPIRE is branching out, pairing a new line of “Ontwaak” Dark brew Coffee named “BLAQ” to
chaperone the single as the song promotes a STRONG positive message of hope, encouraging people to
“Ontwaak” in their everyday life, and paying attention to the silver linings.
“Our collaboration with ‘BLAQ’ alongside ‘Ontwaak’, is spiking up huge engagement and we can’t wait to
bring it into your home”, says #jack&ginger.
On the music front, Jack steers his own ship when it comes to song writing abilities, and composing comes very natural to the artist and producer.
Stone made sure to end of the year on a high note with his Bruce Springsteen – The Great Patriot show in Dec 2021, and is looking forward to the Barnyard shows commencing from 31 March 2022 onwards.
Jack takes pride as an outstanding musician and a first class 21st Century entrepreneur, hooking up with Ginger Rock added value beyond the traditional bottom line by understanding that collaboration is more likely to lead to success.
No doubt 2022 holds amazing prospective for the vibrant act.

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