Interview with Rian van Heerden, producer of Sex in Afrikaans, Celebrating the start of the month of LOVE.


Launching on Showmax on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2022, Sex in Afrikaans follows clinical psychologist Bradley R Daniels as he helps four Afrikaans couples and two singles to have shameless discussions about their sex lives for the first time publicly – and, in the process, discover that there is so much more fun to be had!

Rian van Heerden (Photo Credit : Jacaranda FM/ Kevin Mark Pass)

GaloreSA had the honor to ask Rian van Heerden, the producer, some very interesting questions.

  • Rian, as a radio personality, you probably came into trouble a lot of times.  Would you mind sharing one of these cases with our readers and how you handled it ?
    • A lot of times indeed! Although I must admit, these days the complaints are definitely less. Either I’ve gotten old or people have become used to me! But there was that time that I had a bit of a tiff with a journalist who wrote things about me that wasn’t true. I told my listeners to take a crap on the bonnet of her car and someone actually did! That was in the wild old Tuks FM days. It eventually led to me being fired and of course, that was not ideal.
  • You are the highlight of our day when we are driving home in the afternoons, and we would go as far as to say that we are your biggest fans.  How do you manage to keep your listeners entertained for hours ?  Do the ideas for discussions on your show just come naturally, or do you plan it well in advance ?
    • Many thanks for listening! When promos refer to our show the same line is always used “you never know where it’s heading!” And that is so true. Even though we have a good idea what we want to talk about during the show, it always heads in another direction before it returns to the planned path. It depends on whether a Whatsapp, social media post, breaking news or even a call came in that we feel needs to be discussed. It is live radio after all.
  • When did your love for the TV set start ?  What was your first ever show you had, either as a presenter or a producer ?
    • Radio was my first love. But an opportunity came along in 2000 to present a show called “Voorblad” for kykNET (and Mnet at the time). The show focussed on the real stories of extra-ordinary people. The first show I produced was the SABC2 version of the same show: “Skuur” in 2002.
  • How do you juggle your personal life from your public life ?  You have to make some ME TIME, but where do you schedule that into ?
    • I have very little ME time. I use my house for eating and sleeping purposes! I believe that time should not be wasted, and I plan to make the most of the time I have been given.
  • Cats !  We know you love cats !  How’s the possessed one doing at home ?
    • 😊Max is sleeping at the moment! He has occupied one of the bedrooms, but I don’t intend to fight with him about it!
  • Let’s talk about Sex in Afrikaans.  This idea is superb.  Where did this all start ?
    • Many thanks! It started probably about 2 years ago when I had the idea of exploring the sex lives of Afrikaans people. Unchartered territory. I was also sure it would not be commissioned but one day I thought…What the hell, let’s pitch it. What do we have to lose? People can only gain from this. And here we are!
  • Did you learn something from the people on this show ?  We mean….You know a lot, but we all learn something new every day.  Did they discuss topics which you never knew about ?
    • I learned a hell of a lot! And honestly, especially after doing all those series of Voorblad and Skuur back in the day I thought nothing could surprise me. But my jaw dropped on numerous occasions!
  • Controversial is the name of the game here…and especially with the target market you have with this show, which is Afrikaans people.  How will you manage the backlash that this show will get from the public ?
    • I believe that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion but as long as it’s an informed one. I have learned how to determine between which opinions matter and which don’t.
  • Inside scoop ?  Which character you think we will enjoy the most on this show ? 
    • Rea! Just wait for it!
  • Out of all your productions and shows you have done, will this one be classified as the most raunchiest and controversial of them all ?
    • Without a doubt! For now.
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