Cece Vee releases her much-anticipated debut EP along with the music video for the title track, Past Midnight.

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It’s been a year since genre-defying singer and multi-instrumentalist Cece Vee first made her way onto the local and international music scene, leaving big impressions with tracks that graced the tops of playlists like JOOX’s New Pop Hits playlist (2020), and also garnered an exciting sync placement for in an episode of the US TV series Good Trouble.

Now Cece brings her year-long project full circle with the release of Past Midnight, the final track that completes her EP of the same name. According to the artist, the brooding song is an homage to the conversations we have in our heads when we keep going back to a person or situation that is wrong for us.

With this final addition, the ‘Past Midnight’ EP now stands at six tracks, namely:

1. Wild Hearts
2. DeLorean
3. Dysfunctional
4. Black Light
5. Past Midnight
6. Parasite aka A Song For My Shadow

Cece shares that the EP, produced and written by Paul Gala and Mia Van Wyk, explores themes of healing, nostalgia, regret, heartache, and personal growth.

“Over the past two years, I’ve been dealing with heartache and losses, life changes, anxiety and depressive feelings, all with a global pandemic as the cherry on top. I know many others have felt the same way. Through all the dark times, I have learnt so much about myself and grown into who I believe I was always meant to be. Past Midnight captures that emotional journey and ultimately shows that after every cycle of darkness, there will be light,” she reveals.

The evocative music video (Filmed and edited by Joshua Cookson) that accompanies the eponymous final track of the EP brings the talent of Cece Vee’s team into sharp focus.

“The music video for Past Midnight was one of the most challenging concepts we have tried to pull off so far. I wanted to create something that represents the dichotomy of the internal struggle that the song is about, and eventually landed on the idea of the conscience following and watching over you (sometimes even mocking you) as you make the decision to go to (or away) from a situation, constantly reminding you that there is more than one path you can take,” the artist explains.

As a whole, Past Midnight is exactly the kind of ecstatic escapism that these times call for. Oscillating between playful and heart-breaking, the music is upbeat, the lyrics captivating, and the combination thereof easy to get lost in, whether for a song or the duration of the album. It’s personal, as all of Cece’s music is, but it still manages to make you want to move.

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