Terms and Conditions for GaloreSA Competitions – 2022

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  1.   GaloreSA’s Competitions are taking place from time to time and will be announced on our social media streams. (the “Giveaway”).
  2. What’s up for grabs: a) Each competition held by GaloreSA is unique with a different prize from time to time.  The prize will be announced on our social media streams.
  3. Participants can enter during the competition period, however, only one prize will be won by one person or if stated otherwise on our social media platforms pertaining to that specific competition.
  4. Who is eligible? a) If you entered the competition by following the specific steps as stipulated on our social media platforms or/and website, you will be entered into the competition. 
  5. A winner will be randomly selected for the Giveaway from those that qualify. The winner will be announced on our social media platforms.
  6. The prize may not be exchanged for cash, is non-negotiable and is non-transferrable.
  7. GaloreSA does not accept any responsibility if any winner is not able to take up the prize.
  8. In terms of the provisions of the Financial Intelligence Center Act of 2001 (“FICA”) it will be necessary for all winners to furnish GaloreSA with a copy of their identity details (from an identity document/passport which must be valid.
  9. All winners will be contacted on the social media platform on which they have won by GaloreSA to advise that they have won a prize. If a winner does not respond to our message within a period of 24 hours, GaloreSA reserves the right to select a new winner from those eligible.
  10. Once a winner has responded to our message, they will be required to complete a form sent to them regarding delivery details. This form will require the winner to include their requested delivery address, telephone number and identity number and provide all FICA documents (where same have not already been provided). The winner will also have to consent to this information being provided to the courier company for the purpose of such courier company facilitating the delivery of the prize. Where no consent to provide the courier company with your personal information is forthcoming, such winner forfeits the prize and shall have no rights or claims therein.  From time to time, the delivery will be handled by the PR company or the sponsor themselves.  By entering our competitions you hereby give permission for us to give your information over to the above mentioned.
  11.    Should the form and/or the FICA documentation not be forthcoming within 3 (three) days of GaloreSA sending and/or requesting it, a new winner may, in the sole discretion of GaloreSA, be selected. In such a circumstance, such person will have no right or claim against GaloreSA.
  12. GaloreSA will pay for and facilitate the delivery of the prize to all winners. In this respect, GaloreSA has partnered with a reputable courier company.
  13. The prizes are already pre-selected, and a winner cannot request a different style and/or brand.
  14. To accept delivery, all winners will have to provide proof of identity upon delivery. The winner must accept delivery of the prize personally and sign whatsoever delivery documentation as is necessary/requested.
  15. The courier service will make one delivery attempt. Where a winner is unavailable on the first attempt, or, if the winner is not accessible and/or contactable, a new winner may, in the sole discretion of GaloreSA, be selected. In such a circumstance, such person will have no right or claim against GaloreSA.
  16. Ownership only transfers upon acceptance of delivery of the prize.
  17. GaloreSA shall have no further liability once the prize has been delivered to the winner.
  18. The selection of winners is final, and no correspondence will be entered into. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, GaloreSA may in its sole discretion and in the circumstances defined in these Terms and Conditions select new winners.
  19. Any violation or attempt to violate any of the above rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the transgressor. GaloreSA can disqualify any winner in its sole and reasonable discretion from claiming the prize.
  20. If any winner is disqualified from the Giveaway, is not contactable, or does not provide such information as is required in accordance with these terms and conditions, GaloreSA will select an alternative prize-winner in the same manner as the original prize-winner and such selection will be subject to these terms and conditions.
  21. GaloreSA reserves the right to cancel the Giveaway at any time, if deemed necessary in their opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of their control and shall not be liable in anyway whatsoever to qualifiers in such event for any cause or action whatsoever.
  22. On any of our competitions, especially live events, COVID regulations will always play a role.  GaloreSA will not be held responsible for any type of remuneration should any event be cancelled due to COVID regulations, and the prize will be forfeited by the winner.
  23. If it comes to our attention that our chosen winner has won a similar giveaway on any other social media platform, not belonging to GaloreSA, for the same event or prize, we hold the right to cancel the prize and choose a new winner.
  24. A person may enter as many times as they wish on one platform, but only one correct entry will be placed in the random draw.  A person may enter on all our platforms to increase their chances of winning as one entry per social media platform will be applicable.
  25. Our competitions range from giveaways to live events where you have to attend and so much more.  For live events, the prize will be stipulated on our social media platforms / website.  Costs to get to the venue and back to your living space, drinks, parking fees, etc are not covered by GaloreSA.  If you do not attend an event to which you have won entry tickets for, you will be placed on a red list for a period of 24 months whereby you can not take part in any competitions held by GaloreSA.  If your name are drawn during that period as a winner by our random chooser, you will be disqualified if you are still in your 24 months disqualifying period.
  26. GaloreSA will have your prize delivered within 30 days.
  27. By entering our competitions you give GaloreSA permission to use any of your photographs and name on any of our publication sites, including social media. Should you wish not to, you will need to explicitly notify us on info@galoresa.com.
  28. For all questions pertaining to any of our competitions, please contact us via email on info@galoresa.com 
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