Jarrad Ricketts and DJ Superior create a summer remix for their hit single ‘These Arms’

Jarrad Ricketts recently teamed up with the DJ Superior and released the brand new single ‘These Arms’ with the spotlight on GBV in its pivotal message. DJ Superior has added his remix touch to lift the single for the December season and the remix is out now through Gallo Record Company across all digital platforms.

Listen to ‘Jarrad Ricketts – These Arms (feat. DJ Superior) (Remix)’ HERE

Cape Town-based Jarrad Ricketts collaborated with Joburg-based producer, DJ Superior to create a fresh new summer anthem entitled ‘These Arms’ which is already climbing the charts on SA’s top radio stations. After an amazing release, Ricketts and DJ Superior decided to drop a special present under the Christmas tree with a thumping remix of the track.
“With this month having a massive focus on GBV, we wanted to keep the conversation going, while exploring new sounds! We believe in the message behind the song, wanted to breathe a fresh perspective and give people another catchy interpretation to enjoy this festive and what better way to do so than with a remix!” says Jarrad Ricketts.
The beauty of music is that the possibilities are endless and we are spoilt for choice. As creatives, both Jarrad Ricketts and DJ Superior want to push themselves and show musicians that you don’t have to be one specific sound. Music is universal and it can be used to positively influence and bring happiness and joy to so many people this festive season. 
DJ Superior adds that “We did not want to limit ourselves with just one version of the song and also wanted to keep the message alive. Right now it is the power of music that can bring about positive change and both Jarrad and I are honoured to use our platform and talent to create a remix to ‘These Arms’ and keep your festive playlist on fire”. 
‘These Arms’ was inspired by a road show Jarrad performed where the focus was bringing awareness to gender-based violence. The song is a message to anyone who has experienced gender-based violence to know that all the heartache and pain will come to an end, and that they will find a LOVE that conquers all. A LOVE that is patient, kind and supportive. “As a male I feel it is important to take a stance against this social ill, and as an artist I am truly honoured to use my platform and creativity to bring a focus to this,” comments Jarrad. He continues saying “As an artist I am always eager to learn and grow and working with DJ Superior was organic and effortless. We got into studio and allowed the creative juices to take over and literally recorded and produced the entire song in two hours. I’m also always so excited to work with brand new talent, and so I knew that whatever we created through experimentation would be something I had never done before.”

‘Jarrad Ricketts – These Arms (feat. DJ Superior) (Remix)’ is out now across all digital platforms.

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