Decade-plus old beauty business implements a network marketing program to empower others.


Founder and CEO Mabel Ledwaba started Havillah Beauty – a beauty business, more than a decade ago and has built the business on the back of world-class products offering tangible results and customer satisfaction to the end-users. Indeed, the core product range has not disappointed and continues to offer customer satisfaction against leading brands in the market. The company continues to develop outstanding other products and progressively grows its product range through new product innovations. As its growth strategy, Havillah Beauty has sought to reach and grow a sustainable market and has sought to grow through positive referrals from its satisfied product users. Havillah Beauty’s sustainable model has focussed on empowering the growing network of its product users, aspiring to also make a good and sustainable income within their networks.

So far, we have received good testimonies from a growing number of women and men who have generated a dependable income from selling our products; we have seen many rise from desperate financial destress to being masters of their destinies says Mabel Ledwaba.

Havillah Beauty sought to dispel the negative stigma around network marketing associated with several other networks and multi-level marketing programs in South Africa. This they have achieved through a slow and thought-through process, based on a well-developed, world-renowned multi-level marketing platform. 

Finding a platform suited to our products and growth strategy was not an easy task; we are pleased with our selected multi-level marketing platform, and there is ample room for improvement – Mabel Ledwaba. 

Havilah Beauty continues to bring about the talked about social and economic transformation in communities, putting much needed financial resources to responsible women and men who sell their products and befitting the motto of Life-Changing Experience.


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