South African singer-songwriter, Simoné Roets, impressed local audiences with the release of her debut Afrikaans single and music video, Dans in die Donker earlier this year.

And now, she is excited to share another song, ONGEREP with listeners. Not only did Jattie de Beer of Artistry Productions excel at producing the track, but she also had the privilege of working with Joshua na die Reën (Jacques de Villiers) on this exciting project.

“I identify with Jacques, as a person and as an artist and really wanted to work with him. He steered Afrikaans music into a new direction and inspires me to write more music in my mother tongue,” she explains.

This contemporary pop song, written by the artist herself, is about how vulnerable humanity really is. ONGEREP refers to something that is untouched or unspoilt and in the context of this song it refers to someone in his/ her rawest form – before the world’s expectations and circumstances came shaped them into who they are. The song challenges each of us to be authentic, without pretense,” she shares about the meaning behind the song.

She hopes that the song will appeal to audiences of all ages and make them realize that nobody is perfect and that there is no need to pretend that you’re fine all the time.

Acclaimed musician and songwriter, Joshua na die Reën also enjoyed working with Simoné (who went to school with his wife) and admits that he would love to collaborate with her again in the future.  

“I immediately resonated with the song and was also impressed with the refreshing effect Simoné has on the people she works with. She is truly someone to look up to and I am grateful for the friendship that developed from this collaboration,” he says.

The music video of this beautiful song was filmed by Faculty of Arts’ Adi van der Walt and her team at a friend’s home in Capital Park.

According to Simoné, who is currently in South Africa to release her music, Adi managed to capture the message of the song beautifully and she is very excited to share it with fans.

ONGEREP is about being authentic. We all need someone to remind us that it is okay not to be perfect. Someone who sees the good in us, but is also ok with our brokenness,” she explains. “The video shows two people who help one another to rediscover who they really are.”

Simoné grew up in Nelspruit and only discovered her passion for music after school. Since then, she has released an EP, as well as several other English songs and she is very involved at the Hillsong City Campus in Brisbane, Australia, where she currently resides.

ONGEREP is now available on all digital platforms. Download it here:





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