Tim Young unveils an anthem for those who have forgotten their self-worth with his brand new single ‘Seesaw’.


Tim Young is incredibly proud of the single, which is easily his best release to date. He delves into the inspiration and message behind ‘Seesaw’ saying “’Seesaw’ is an upbeat pop song about learning to love and accept yourself after being told you are not enough. It speaks to a sense of rebirth and renewal. Inspired by the low feeling one gets after failed relationships, the single refers to the idea of knowing your worth. The track was written to free people feeling trapped by the actions of others. It acts as an anthem for people who have let the up and down nature of failed love (hence the title) rule what they think of themselves.”

Tim Young – Photo Credit : Maia Young

Young recorded the single with Heproducedit (real name Howard Edward, who has worked with the likes of Jimmy Nevis, Tayla Hunter, etc) and talking about the recording process, Young says “The single was always intended to be a pop song that had a cheerful melody. Although the lyrics have moments where the meaning is deep, the underlying message of the song is one of hope and positivity. Heproducedit and I wanted this message to shine through in the rhythm and overall feel of the track. The composition was an ongoing process that took months of testing different melodies and sounds, eventually resulting in what the melody of ‘Seesaw’ is today. The recording process therefore went faster than usual due to my vision for the track being clearer than usual when I started recording.”

Young loved being back in studio with Heproducedit. As an artist & producer team, it’s evident that they work incredibly well together and have mastered a production relationship that takes Young’s written ideas and creates brilliantly recorded singles. Young expands on this, saying “Heproducedit took the melody and lyrics I had provided and produced a song that perfectly fitted the feel I was wanting for the track. Having worked on numerous tracks with Heproducedit prior to ‘Seesaw’, he is very in tune with the sound and musical experience I want to achieve as an artist. His talent for turning melodies and lyrics into hit singles makes working with him a smooth experience.”

‘Seesaw’ is an easy-to-listen to track that appeals to just about any music taste. Whether you relate to the message of the song or just want to vibe to the catchy sound and melodies, ‘Seesaw’ is guaranteed to be a pop song that will stay at the top of your playlist for months to come.

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