Forget fast food – go for fast flavour and variety


If grabbing a quick bite has become synonymous with sloppy salads and generally flavourless fare, it’s time for a change. What you need for that short lunch break or speedy supper is real food, freshly prepared with a light touch – and fast.

“Meze is a popular choice for quick eats, as you can be in and out and still enjoy more than just one dish,” says Konstantinos ‘Kosta’ Haitas, son of the founders of Mezepoli Restaurant. Mezepoli specialises in offering various small, delicious plates of simply prepared, good quality food providing the ultimate in choice.

Crispy fried calamari with an addictive dipping sauce, the best grilled halloumi and golden falafel served with hummus and a tangy slaw are just a start to the incredible variety of flavours and textures on the menu. Enticing spring veg souvlaki, lighter-than-air meatballs (keftethes) and fresh seared salmon on a bed of rocket are all fabulous choices for any meal and the list goes on.

“An easy go-to for lunches would be one of the many crunchy, colourful Mezepoli salads – perhaps with some warm pita and a luscious dip on the side, or some chicken souvlaki for those avoiding carbs. Not to mention our super fresh sushi, which is always a popular choice,” notes Haitas.

“We are ever mindful of the need for convenience, and find that our call-and-collect WhatsApp line is very helpful to those customers who wish to dash past on their way somewhere. They can simply text us their order and everything will be packed and ready to go as soon as they arrive.”

Haitas points out that there is no need to sacrifice flavour or quality in a food experience, if speed is a priority. “Meze items are generally very quick to prepare, giving you fast flavour and variety – that’s a tough formula to beat!

“Embracing the moment and stopping to savour your meal is very much part of the Mediterranean lifestyle, but if that is not possible you can still enjoy superb flavours and textures of your choice in a busy day,” he concludes.

To book online at Mezepoli visit or contact the restaurant telephonically:

Mezepoli Melrose Arch – 011 684 1162

Call-and-collect Whatsapp line – 066 386 4053

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