Tyler Page’s new single ‘Teenage Werewolf’ is a coming-of-age horror romance.


Watch the music video for ‘Teenage Werewolf’ below.

“Teenage Werewolf” is a coming-of-age fantasy romance with someone who, like a werewolf (real or metaphorical) changes the person who is falling in love. The obsession is so big and the change feels so irreversible that it’s heading towards a disaster, MURDER even… But just like in a beautiful vintage horror romance, all the gore (literal and metaphorical) is being forgiven for the sake of devotion to the archetypal “bad guy” or werewolf. The grip of this crush is too big to pay mind to the consequences.
Tyler’s majestic, ethereal vocals and angelic vocal harmonies are layered over epic 80s style synths and bass, funky guitar riffs and licks, sublime strings fills, and a pulsating rhythm. With a nod to Dua Lipa and polished production from the team at Bad Future, “Teenage Werewolf” is set to be the anthem for your Halloween party.
“Teenage Werewolf” is a crazy weird song and definitely one of my favourites – A type of romance out of a horror movie, the type of love you are willing to kill for. The song aims to transport you into an 80s fantasy horror romance where anything is possible – even falling in love with a werewolf and becoming one.” Tyler explains.
Stream “Teenage Werewolf” on all platforms: https://ditto.fm/teenagewerewolf
Tyler also releases the music video for “Teenage Werewolf” which sees her once again joining forces with video producer Tristan Coetzee, who explains “When approached to create the film for Teenage Werewolf, Niel (my co-director) & I knew we needed to capture her exploding identity in a way true to her presence as an emerging sensation, blended in with the uniquely mysterious lyrics & emotion of the song.
The narrative of the film captures a blend between Tyler as her edgy, unique self and the transformation into a more mysterious and mythical character of a teenage werewolf, symbolising her rapidly growing image and presence to current and new fans around the world”.
Speaking of the video, Tyler adds “Making the music video was such an insane experience. I had an amazing team behind me that made everything happen. This was my first time in my life that I had a makeup artist, which was incredibly weird because I literally only own mascara and eyebrow gel, so it was crazy to have someone put more than just those things on my face. And those eyes!! I think I scared myself more than anything looking in a mirror! But I’m super proud of what we did though, also about the fact that we all made it up like 10 flights of stairs multiple times carrying equipment up, I’m still surprised that I was able to actually stand and do the video. My legs were dead!! But all in all, I’m beyond proud and excited about this one, I think we killed it!”
Tyler’s debut single “Don’t Believe The Aliens” was added to video game giant FORTNITE on their Underground Car Radio Station, as well as Spotify’s RADAR Africa, New Music Friday South Africa & SAlt, Apple Music’s New Music Daily, Future Hits, New in Pop and Wildflower and Deezer’s New South Africa playlists. Her previous singles have also received online tastemaker support from the likes of Record of The Day, Going Solo, Early Rising, Texx And The City, Conversations About Her, and radio support from internationally syndicated tastemaker import radio show, Passport Approved, that airs on over 50 radio stations and six continents worldwide, Amazing Radio, 5FM, Good Hope FM & TUKS FM.
Tyler Page’s “Teenage Werewolf” is the 3rd single off her upcoming debut EP.

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