Making a relationship work takes commitment and perseverance, especially in the face of ever-growing challenges. However, the result of going the distance is not only worth the effort but is beyond what most people think possible.

This is the message at the heart of seasoned musician Wouter van de Venter’s new single. Inspired by his wife and muse, Anita, MY BOK is about looking back on their life together. “After so many years you tend to look back at the ups and downs, the shared dreams and the difficult times. Seeing how things turned out makes me realise that no matter what, we will always be there for one another,” says Wouter. “My have always referred to my wife as my “Bok’ and I am her ‘Beer’, that is just the way it has always been.”

The track, described as a little bit country and a little bit rock, was written by Wouter and produced by Weskus Studio and Coolerbox. Its release follows hot on the heels of Ek Val, a touching duet featuring award-winning artist Nianell, which encapsulates the lessons learnt during the uncertainty of the past two years.

March 2020 was a difficult time for everyone and irrevocably changed the lives of people everywhere. As a musician I couldn’t work, the cost of living increased, and I honestly didn’t know which way to turn,” says Wouter. “I reached out to old colleagues and friends, including Nianell, and Ek Val was born. It is meant to bring hope and give listeners strength when things get tough.” Like Ek Val, MY BOK has a universal theme that will undoubtedly resonate with listeners.

As was the case for most people in the entertainment industry, Wouter was severely affected by lockdown. However, he has made the most of the unprecedented challenge – MY BOK is the singer-songwriter’s third single in six months. “My goal for 2022 is to make up for what was lost during lockdown,” he explains. “I am constantly working on new tunes and new ideas. I love a challenge, and not knowing how things will turn out inspires me to keep going.”

His new single is complemented by a music video, which was shot by Vonk Musiek on his friend and fellow musician Dozi’s farm.

Watch the video here:

Having spent the better part of 30 years in the music industry, Wouter, who studied music, performing arts, and jazz at Pretoria Technikon, has amassed a wealth of experience. The award-winning artist was Laurika Rauch’s guitarist for around six years and was a founding member of the guitar sensation Ses Snare. In addition to performing locally and internationally, he has written innumerable hits for several artists. While boasting a stellar career, he singles out accompanying Laurika Rauch at the Royal Albert Hall in London as the highlight of his career.

Renowned for doing his own thing, Wouter admits that he is inspired by international artist Peter Gabriel. He also has a soft spot for all things Afrikaans – as long as it is done well.

A family man and self-confessed foodie, the singer-songwriter loves cooking, a good braai, and spending time with friends. He also runs the successful Weskus Studio. He shares: “I was born to make music and I still enjoy it fully every day.”

MY BOK is available for download from https://linktr.ee/woutervdventer

I believe that the song will appeal to a broad audience, because we have all been in the same situation over the past two years and have all been in special relationships,” he concludes.

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